Wheelchair accessible vehicles

We provide an extensive range of stylish disability vehicles and mini Vans that look no different from a standard vehicle both in quality and affordability with factory fitted ramp and Lifts.

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles Sales
and Hire / Rentals

Here at Glam Groups, our modern range of disability cars provides easy and comfortable wheelchair access, legroom and headroom, thanks to the wide selection of makes and models available for you to choose from.

The very fact that all our wheelchair accessible vans Comply according to The Australian Design Rules (ADRs), State and Territory regulations and Australian ISO Standards.

ADRs for motor vehicles and trailers are the National Standards, and a standard vehicle is one that complies with all of the applicable ADRs. An identification plate is fitted with the approval of the Administrator, indicates that a vehicle is a standard vehicle.

Toyota HiAce Wheelchair Accessibility Vehicle: Specifications

Maximum power – 98KWH / 133ps
Fuel Consumption – 10.20km/L
Drive Type – FR
Engine Capacity – 1,998cc
Number of Seats – 10
Year of Manufacture – 2008
Fuel Type – Premium Unleaded
Transmission – 4 Speed Automatic

✅ Engine: 4cyl 2.0L Petrol
✅ Can be driven with normal driving licence
✅ Seating for 9 – 10 people, including 2 wheelchair occupants
✅ Passenger Lap / slash seat belts for the Wheelchair Occupants
✅ Toyota factory designed hoist / lifter
✅ Electric side step
✅ Hoist Touch button remote operation.
✅ Reverse camera / Rear Mirror

Disability Vehicle Hires

You have the luxury to even hire a disabled vehicle, thanks to Glam Groups wheelchair accessible rentals service. We offer competitively priced disability car hire by the day, week or over an extended period.

Our friendly staff are ready to assist with which vehicle is suitable to meet your needs.

Glam Groups is a NDIS provider for Vehicle Hire

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