Toyota Alphard Australia

Toyota Alphard – 20 series (2008 to 2015)

A well designed and beautifully engineered vehicle only from Toyota, to be space efficient and reliable. Have both luxurious and comfortable transportation that is not compromised by the purpose-built wheel-chair access, but caters for the rest of the family too.

Toyota Alphard Access Measurements:

  • Floor to ceiling height: 138 cm
  • Width at rear: 78cm

Hoist Chair Options:

The Electric Lifter Chair or Hoist Chair is a popular Welcab variation offered by Toyota. Fitted either in the front or middle row, the electric hoist chair has been designed primarily for the elderly or those with limited mobility. Specialized and strong electric motors allow the seat to be lowered to ground level next to the vehicle or hoist the occupant into the vehicle to be seated normally at the press of a button. The design is so subtle that the hoist chair is almost unnoticeable to the casual observer and may be a feature that is only used from time to time.

Here are our all wheelchair accessible vehicles for sale in Melbourne.

Toyota Alphard Price

From $36500

Vehicle specifications and features

2.4Ltr or 3.5Ltr, Petrol, 4 or 6 Cylinder V6, Automatic, ABS, Double air bags, 16" Rims, 5 doors, Both side remote sliding doors, Reverse Camera, Dual Climate control, CD/ DVD player, Power Windows, Power mirrors, Rear wiper, Door wind shields, Rear stop lamp, Front fog lamps, parking sensors

Note: – Features and specs can vary from vehicle to vehicle Seating positions can vary for 4 to 8 people with or without the wheelchair occupants

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