Child Anchor Point Installation

The current law permits for children up to the age of 7, to be in a child restraint or booster seat while travelling in a vehicle.

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Child Anchor Point Installation for Baby Car Seats/ Child booster Seats

Children require different restraints as they grow. To keep your child safe, various restraints exist that meet the right size for a child, properly adjusted and fastened, and correctly fitted to the vehicle.

An incorrect restraint increases the risk of serious injury or death in an event of a crash.

For your Childs safety, anchor points on the vehicle should be the main priority. The risk is high of putting your baby in a baby car seat, if you do not have a secure anchor point.

  • We have the ability to install additional anchor points to meet your needs in case a commercial vehicle such as a Ute, SUV, Classic car, older model or vehicle with extra seats added, that don’t have or has insufficient Child anchor points.
  • Child anchor point installation should comply according to The Australian Design Rules (ADRs) and accordingly with State and Territory regulations.

    ADRs for motor vehicles are the National Standards and a standard vehicle is one that complies with all of the applicable ADRs.
  • Any child anchor point Installation on a vehicle is regarded as a vehicle modification, and to certify this work, a State and Territory Registration authority Approved Engineer’s Certificate is required. Any organisation Letter or certificate is not acceptable nor valid to certify the installation.

    In Victoria, VicRoads Approved Engineers are called VASS Engineers (signatory of the Vehicle Assessment Signatory Scheme)
  • Glam groups Pty Ltd, Trading as Glam Compliance Australia, is an approved Registered Automotive Workshops (RAWs) import, modify and plate used vehicles, in accordance with concessional standards, regulated by Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities.

    Combining our years experience, thorough Engineering Knowledge, we have carefully selected the best and strongest location to install anchor points to suit your needs, and on your vehicle.
  • We use a selection of Brackets and Base plates that have been engineered, designed and tested for RAWs over the years, that can be used in a vehicle where child anchor point are usually complex and difficult to install. The purchase of a new vehicle is not required when your child’s safely is your number one priority.

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