Mobility Cars

Top-quality wheelchair accessible cars:

With a view of providing top-class range of wheelchair accessible cars for the benefit of disables people and their family, Glam Groups has contributed to the ownership of a large population of acquiring the best car from the range of wheelchair cars for sale. Carrying a wheelchair in your car has been made more easy and convenient, as our team of experts have gained the required skills and experience in transforming the available space in the car to fit the best to function as per the requirements of a disabled family member.


We import the best cars for disabled people Australia:

With high concern towards providing only top-quality cars in Australia, we have managed to establish a strong base of highly reliable team in Japan, for procuring high performance wheelchair accessible cars for Australia. The wheelchair accessible cars which are acquired are then revamped with facilities that will help you efficiently take your disabled member with careful attention given to their safety with the help of safety belts. The wheelchair cars for sale also are equipped with high flexibility features that will enable you to fold them when not in use, helping you to expand the seating space for the rest of the family members.


Zoom with style and elegance with Japanese imported cars:

The reason we stress on only providing quality wheelchair accessible cars in Australia, is that we do not wish to lose out on the loyalty of our customer by delivering poor quality and durability. The careful analysis of used cars carried out by a team of highly skilled experts backed with highly certified services, you are bound to get an outcome that is totally worth an investment. The major contributor to quality and performance are also the top brands of wheelchair cars for sale namely: Toyota and Nissan, which are highly known for their cost effective maintenance and performance.

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