Questions & Answers

What is an Import ?

Much has been written, and said, about so-called imports, but what does it all mean?
Japanese car manufacturers such as Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mazda and Mitsubishi produce cars for sale to Japanese buyers, and in the same factories they produce cars for the Australian market. In Australia they sell their cars through their own network of sellers these cars are referred to as ‘Australian Delivered’. ‘Imports’ are cars which have been used in Japan, and which we have then purchased second-hand from the auctions, car dealers, or private owners in Japan, they are then shipped to Australia and the rest of the world for buyers – like you.

Why should you buy an Import ?

To tell you the truth, not just to save money, but also to be able to own a Special and Enthusiast Vehicle.
And also to get a better quality car with lower mileage, higher specification, and bodywork that is in undeniably superior condition.
Do so-called imports conform to the same standards of safety as those manufactured in Australia.
All imported vehicles have to be ‘complied’ so they can meet the Australian Safety Standards to make sure they conform to Australian Standards.
This includes changing of seat belts, seat belt anchorages, child restraints, rear vision mirrors, fuel caps, tyres, dimmer switch, etc…
To see which vehicles we are able to import please refer to this webpage:

How can we guarantee you a quality vehicle ?

All vehicles imported by Glam Imports undergo a comprehensive quality inspection which is done by our supplier in Japan.
Each vehicle is checked closely against the details provided in the auction papers.
This includes the vehicle’s condition, features, options and any damage the vehicle may have.
Each vehicle is photographed to ensure that all vehicles are exactly as described when they reach our premises.
Photographs may be shown to the client once the vehicle has been purchased in Japan, if they have placed an order and paid a deposit.
Each client is supplied with a copy of the auction papers, which shows the vehicle grading.
For vehicle grading guide please see chart below.
In order to convey the exact condition of the vehicle at the time of purchase, the following Japanese grading system is used.

Japanese Vehicle Grading System

8.0 New Car
7.0 New Car Registered
5.0 As New Condition
4.5 Excellent Condition
4.0 Excellent Condition Needs Minor Attention
3.5 Good Condition Requires Some Repairs
3.0 Average Condition Requires Repairs
2.5 Average Condition Requires Extensive Repairs
2.0 Below Average Condition
1.0 Modified Vehicle Below Average Condition
RA Minor Accident Well Repaired
A or 0.0 Accident Vehicle

How to get an import approval, shipping and customs clearance
for a vehicle bought by you from Japan ?

Just because the vehicle type has been approved for importing, it doesn’t mean you can just buy one and ship it here.
Any vehicle that comes into Australia needs to have an import permit issued by DOTARS before shipping to Australia.
Under the new laws, the import approval for SEVS cars must be lodged by the compliance workshop (RAWS).
Shipping can be arranged by your supplier in Japan through any shipping company, payments can be made directly from Japan or Australia.
When the vehicle lands in Australia we can make arrangements for all of the Customs clearance
and Quarantine.
You will be instructed how to make payment for the import duty and GST – you are able to pay directly so you know there are no hidden costs.

Who can provide me with Parts, Servicing and Repairs ?

There are a number of import vehicle specialist service centers in each major city that will service your car.
All vehicles must have all fluids and filters replaced, and get new catalytic converters fitted to the exhaust system as part of the compliance process.
A full second service will be supplied free of charge for Glam Imports clients if the vehicle has been bought through us.
We also provide service and parts at competitive prices, if the parts cannot be supplied by Glam Imports we can direct you to the right place.

How to import your personal vehicle ?

You can import any car as a personal import if you have owned and used it for at least 12 months overseas first.
You still have to apply for an import approval for a personal import.
You will need to provide registration and insurance paperwork to prove ownership history and use of the vehicle.
We can provide assistance to help you every step of the way.

Importing cars over 15 years old ?

This does not apply no longer to Dept of Transport & Regional Services (DOTARS) standards that is today you can import a vehicle prior to 1988.
Therefore, from 1988 and prior, the car that you desire to import , must also comprise with an engineers report proving that the car meets the relevant ADR’s for the year of manufacture – the work necessary for this will vary between different cars and from state to state, you should allow at least $1,500 for the compliance process. We can provide assistance to help you every step of the way.

Where can I get my Insurance ?

Insurance companies for Imported Vehicles that provide better rates.

Insurance Imported Vehicles


Contact Number

Just Car Insurance 13 13 26
Unique Car Insurance (03) 9898 9400
Young & Cool 1300 307 066
Suncorp Metway 13 11 55
Fortron Insurance Agents Ltd (08) 9445 2011
Torque Underwriting 1300 369 769
Shannon’s Insurance 1300 364 662
Prestige Car Insurance 1800 004 121
Dawes Motor Underwriting 1800 807 463

How can I get my Finance ?

Finance is available at low rates which we can arrange for you with our Finance Brokers. Finance is even available for people with bad credit history.
So please see us and we will guide you through this process.

What warranty is available ?

Warranty available is for 3 years Deluxe warranty and an option to extend to 5 years – unlimited claims.
Glam is a repairer for the National Warranty Company